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Originally Posted by new_tennis_player View Post
My understanding is that microfracture requires 1 year of recovery time?
Not the case. I was back on court in 6 months.

I had my microfracture surgery at age 46 in July 2008. I ended all rehab by the beginning of December 2008. I could have started to play then but I was planning to go away with my family for Christmans and so decided to wait to go back on court until the beginnning of the new year in case of a setback so I would not ruin my vacation.

I was back on court in January 2009 with the surgeon's permission and blessing with the unloader brace I had used to transition off of crutches over a 6 week period in the fall of 2008.

I started off slowly over 4-6 weeks and played in a drill instruction group at my club. I took it easy and played smart and didn't go after tough balls. My mobility and quickness was not what it was before the surgery but this can be somewhat attributed to the unloader brace.
However, after a month I was allowed to play with my patella stabilizer marshall style knee brace (I had used for years) when I was not playing very intensely. If I was playing more intensely, I played with the unloader brace for a time so as to keep myself out of trouble.

Over a several month period, I transitioned completely off the unloader and had full mobility.

When I came back to the same drill and play group in the fall of 2009, everyone was amazed at how much quicker I was. (This was probably more a matter of confidence as I moved more cautiously in the first few moths after returning to court.)
Although, I have no limitations, I still play smarter now and don't go after some balls I can get to in order to hopefully ensure my longevity in the sport.
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