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Originally Posted by new_tennis_player View Post
This is great news. I've heard stories about nba players who are basically out a year after micro-fracture. It still seems like you were in half rehab mode with low intensity play for half a year though, so still about a year before you're playing anywhere near full tilt. To me, that's acceptable.

Did your insurance plan cover most of the costs?

After an MRI, this may be my next step.

You're giving us all hope!
You should take it one step at a time and hopefully you wouldn't need a microfracture.
I could have it on my other knee but my ortho does not recommend it because of the recovery process and the fact I have a young family. He believes that if I take care of myself, I can play sports and never need a knee replacement, etc.

If its a matter of missing the cartilage and having arthritic knees, your doc may even recommend the Sinvisc or other artificial knee fluid injections first. You may not even need that, who knows?

BTW, everyone's recovery is different and the results of microfracuture are mixed depending on a number of variables. Some pro athletes were unable to resume their careers after the procedure. However, one factor is that the younger you are, the better your chance for success. See for e.g. Amare Stoudemere had it in his early 20s) vs. Chris Webber and Alan Houston, in their 30s. ( J-Kidd did come back but he lost his explosiveness).

My surgeon did not take insurance so I used my out of network beenfit and paid the difference out of pocket. If your doctor is in network there should be no problem but if you get to this point, you should obviusly discuss this before going ahead.
To me, I was willling to go out of network to have one of the best sports orthopedists perform the operation. Health is the most important thing!

In any event, the best of luck to you!

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