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Originally Posted by Sports101 View Post
Oh what do you think would be the best way to buy it? I live close enough to drive to Maxline, so buy it with a credit card, and go pick it up? Any suggestions?
Now that you mentioned it, there is a Alpha Revo 4000 in the south bay going for about $450. A better deal than new Combo 910. It's basically the same machine, just a table top version.

Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
i owned a combo 910 before getting a prince neos 1000. the combo 910 is a decent machine for the price, but i couldn't get used to the wobble of the turntable especially as i was coming from the flex 865s which had a turntable that had no play whatsoever. i'm glad i got the neos 1000 as the quality & fit of the machine is much better than the combo 910. i would buy a combo 910 used, but i wouldn't pay the new price. however, if you're set on getting a new 910, then yes, since you're local, pay for it w/ credit card & go pick it up.
I did have a wobble with my Flex 940, but not with my Plus 6500. I was able to fix it by cleaning and greasing the turntable shaft. My Gamma 5003 also had a wobble but after a few adjustments it works fine.
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