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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Dude, that's a contradiction in terms. There a lot of factors that would cause a table to wobble, most are atributed to loose bolts and un-seated parts.
nope, not a contradiction in terms. since another member got the plus 6500, i specifically asked if he was experiencing any wobble in his machine. he sent me a video demonstrating it was wobble free by spinning it and rocking it from left to right. when he tried rocking it, there was no play. that's why i said i haven't seen it first hand, but am reasonably confident the quality of the turntable mount is better than the 910.

i can assure you that my 910 and 940 were properly assembled & had no loose bolts. it's the design that allows for the play. the design of the flex 865s turntable is much better which is why there is no play. i suspect the design of the plus 6500 is also better than that of the 940 & 910 but i don't know for sure since i don't have one.

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