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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
I don't use/own a PB 10 mid, but I do use modified Volkl handles.
I have them setup as follows :

- 1 layer of head tape on the diagonal bevels
- 3 layers of head tape on the left side/right side bevels
- no tape on the top and bottom bevels.

This rounds/squares up the handle a bit. It also slightly increases grip size. I use a leather grip + Supergrap overgrip and I can still feel the bevels just fine with that setup. Hope this helps.

Since I use a 1hbh I only tape half of the handle since I don't touch the upper half, and hence don't need to modify it. This keeps the added weight to a minimum as well. It's not really noticeable.

Awesome, thanks Gee + Od1n for the tips on tape. will give that a try. probably easier than me fiddling with balsa.
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