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My Panasonic MiniDV camcorder is great. Little expensive because of the extra battery and other things that were needed (around $400 total). I use it mostly to record either tennis or bowling so that I can go back and study it later. If you are going to do any kind of editing, get a MiniDV and not one of those mini-DVD ones. The mini-DVDs record into a compressed format while MiniDV transfers to your computer in uncompressed avi format. Make sure you have a LOT of extra hard drive space if you go with the MiniDV because the size of the videos gets large very quickly (one video of mine is 2.6GB and it's only about 12 minutes long). I have a 120GB external hard drive dedicated solely to video to study to go along with the other 3 hard drives. If you just want to go straight from camcorder to video and not make any changes then the MiniDVD is quicker for that purpose. The MiniDV's transfer in real time. You use the play functions on the camcorder and transfer to the computer as it plays, using video capture software. If you have a long video then you will be waiting for it to play through so that it transfers to the computer. Sorry, I don't know too much about the Hi-8mm, only the MiniDV because that's what I have.
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