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This got stickied???

Hey, can we please get stickies for the ubiquitous Nigerian lottery email scams and confidence men trying to sell unsuspecting tourists the Brooklyn Bridge?

How about a sticky about the hazards of running with scissors?

Maybe 10 or 15 years ago when the internet was relatively new, I could see how someone could get duped by one of these scamming jerks. But, unless one has been living in a cave five miles beneath the earth's surface, I don't see how it is possible to get taken by one of these scams. One would have to be pretty dim. This wasn't even a good scam, the email is vague referring to items and the wording is strange as if English isn't the email composer's first language.

Originally Posted by Liem View Post
he almost got me today...I was on the page to send him $$$ via western union and figure i'd do a search for his email and this came up. Thanks OP you just saved me $110!!!
Please tell me you are kidding. You would actually wire money to someone you don't know? That is scary stuff. Are you allowed to cross the street all by yourself?

If this guy takes anyone here for a single dime, that user will have to start The Official Too Stupid to Live Club.

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