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For scammers, every day is April Fools Day.

Sorry, I was being a smart arse before as I am often want to do. And I apologize profusely if I have offended anyone.

I guess this thread was stickied because some people with want ads on TW were being contacted by this guy's software (if he uses software.) Why am I thinking he is probably a manual spammer? What he lacks in wit, he makes up for in ambition.

By the way, sruckauf, I have that unspecified item you have been requesting to purchase. Are you still seriously needing to purchase the unspecified item because if you are, I have the unspecified item in my possession and I am seriously desiring to do business with you. Wire me $300 immediately and I will send to you the unspecified item you are so seriously requesting to purchase.

Thank you,
Mr. Fearsome Forehand
Executive President for Sales of Unspecified Items That Are Seriously Requested
and Director of Want Ad Responses to Far Off Lands
United Bank of Kenya

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