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I may not look as old as gandalf...but my tree rings are up there. That said, my 'feel old moment' just happened. My three eternal bachelor friends all got married and are xpecting.

Surely 2012 is spot on.

What next...Ppl gets hitched, Sappy runs a marathon, Auzzie sticks to one racquet, Dats goes uninjured, Tfm has another kid, Shcmad becomes a gigolo, Jrs denounces Serena, Jrk says no to a poured martini, Shintan sings soprano, Alice acquires 'eye of the tiger', Xisbum wears jcrew religously, Zapvor settles down with a proper girl and keeps hotdog/shampoo fetish, Paulman doesn't spoil tennis scores, TheQuestion buys a SmartCar, Hollywood works for WNBA without a lawsuit or paternity test request, Drakulie stops cursing and smoking, and Sup gives up on Nike to become Nando stunt double?
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