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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Which stick?
EXO3 White.

Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
What next...Ppl gets hitched, Sappy runs a marathon, Auzzie sticks to one racquet, Dats goes uninjured, Tfm has another kid, Shcmad becomes a gigolo, Jrs denounces Serena, Jrk says no to a poured martini, Shintan sings soprano, Alice acquires 'eye of the tiger', Xisbum wears jcrew religously, Zapvor settles down with a proper girl and keeps hotdog/shampoo fetish, Paulman doesn't spoil tennis scores, TheQuestion buys a SmartCar, Hollywood works for WNBA without a lawsuit or paternity test request, Drakulie stops cursing and smoking, and Sup gives up on Nike to become Nando stunt double?
When did I get voted off the island?
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
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