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Default Elbow bone spur caused from serving

Has anyone out there had a bone spur break off their elbow (olecranon) from serving? If so, what was your prognosis and how was it resolved? I had pain in my elbow for about 2 months - the kind of pin-point pain on my elbow when I rested my elbow on the arm of a chair. Then one day while serving I heard and felt a pop. I couldn't lift and straighten my arm over my head at all. There was no swelling in my elbow although my hand swelled. I got an MRI which showed nothing. The ortho thought it might be a micro tear in the tricep tendon. I got a second opinion where they took an x-ray which showed a 1 cm bone spur that broke off the olecranon. It's been weeks now and it only hurts if I straighten my arm (hyperextending it), bump/rest the elbow on something, or use my arm to push up. I can still hit ground strokes, but no serving, back hand slice (where I hyperextend), overheads, or lunging shots again when hyperextending. The doctor says the spur could stay in my arm forever and the pain may go away. However, he recommends I get it surgically removed. That would be my last resort, but I would be interested to know if anyone out there had a similar ingury and how it was resloved.
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