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Originally Posted by babbette View Post

You are on top of your gossip aren't ya? No fun Rafa news lately
Of course there is. But CMM always tells me off and I don't fell like posting anymore.

Looks like Rafa took our favorite (uncle toni) and family members for some fun

It seems like Rafa is in charge most of the times during family/friend activities. When he's off with his friends he seems to take care of the boat, I think I read somewhere he takes care of the cooking when they're on holiday, like he cooks sometimes when they're in wimbledon.

and a clip taken by a fan in ibiza. It#s only 0.07 seconds long but he looks so good

and a clip of xisca at the graduation from 32:00 mins. She does seem rather sweet there must admit.

I do miss the tennis now to be honest.
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