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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
Bob - thanks so much.

I was actually about to send this same guy a check because he had part time home mailing positions that he claimed paid very well in an email to my home email account.

Being that I need part time work and was intrigued, I applied, and eventually got accepted for PT work in his organization.

Had it not been for your warning I may have lost $150 and a lot of time.

What you are doing here is a great service, thank you!
FYI: Those work at home deals are almost always scams. NEVER send money for training materials, etc tied to these sorts of work at home deals. Too good to be true for a reason. Legitimate employers aren't going to ask you to send them money.

Just like confidence men, scammers live off the naive and the desperate. I am always amazed that people get taken in by this stuff.

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