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Originally Posted by haderech View Post
If I understand correctly, the X-2 is as accurate in terms of tension as any other machine. In that case, is the only advantage of more expensive (non-electronic) machines ease of stringing?
No it is not. The X-2 has floating clamps, and as such there would be more drawback as compared to a good set of fixed clamps that are on some quality machines, and that will effect tension results.
There are other differences as well, like the diablo that is on some machines will allow the string to enter the tension jaws at the same angulation each time, and also take some of the tension off the string that the tension jaws are holding, placing less stress on the string, which is very beneficial when stringing nat. gut. I will even wrap the string around the diablo a second time if I have to tension a string a second time for any reason so the tension plates will grab at a different spot, as nat. gut and some thin multi. strings can be more fragile.Then you get the creature features like a good brake that can be very benificial with O port racquets, and other nice features that help make stringing more enjoyable. You basically get what you pay for.

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