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Originally Posted by Kimosabi View Post
Shouldn't this be in the spoilers section? I had work all day and am currently watching it taped on my DVR and then log in to the forum and immediately see "Murray got destroyed" right on the main page. WTF.
Not really. Do you seriously expect to not to know results and yet post in this forum.


It happens all the time and it cant be policed and enforced. For every thread that is deleted, dozen others come up.

Btw, how long should people wait? may be poster should wait Till you (not exactly you but someone like you) go home, have a dinner, stroll the park, may be play a set or two, couple of beers and the finally till you finish watching the DVR' match in two-7 days?

If you wanted to not know the results, you know what to do. stay off internet news sites, media , forums until you are ready.
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