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Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
So what are the excuses for Murray losing the match then??LOL
Originally Posted by Mun View Post
This is a good thread. It's nice to see someone else having the balls to start threads like this telling the truth like it is.
I've been reading the same stuff about Murray for 2 years- he is young, he will get better, versatility, blablabla...- he is overrated, period.
Murray playing agressive tennis yet again LOL! The brit pusher has not changed, he thinks he's doing fine, ok...23 y.o. and no majors yet, 1 year without a title that matters and now choking against a top 20 player. at least i hope he keeps beating Fed in masters series.
Buckethead. What excuses are you talking about?
I've been saying in the match thread Murray is really struggling.
Read before you make ignorant comments.
Mun. Where are you from and how old are you?
Does your mummy know you are wasting time writing crap on forums instead of doing your homework?
You are a complete moron if you think cheap gloating is a good thread.
Email me if you think you and Buckethead have balls, that's if they've even dropped yet.
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