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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
Turbotwist is my poly of choice, but I keep reading good things about Scorpion. What is the main difference in the strings that make you prefer one over the other?
I haven't compared the two head to head with the same set up.

Last night I did compare a Scorpion 1.28/Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 set up to the TurboTwist 1.24mm/Forten Sweet 16 set up. (again, not a true comparison because of the different crosses, plus the 1.22 Scorpion would offer a better comparison to the 1.24 TT)

I GREATLY preferred the TurboTwist set up over the Scorpion set up. It was a much softer feel, had more spin, better touch, better control, better power, just a lot better in every category.

Again, with the softer cross and the different gauge strings, most of that would be expected but it was enough of difference (HUGE) to let me know I do not need to try the Scorpion in a 1.22.

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