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For sale or trade.
2 * Pro Kennex Heritage Type S (both 4 3/
1 Has been played with for about 3 games
The second has been played with for even less time. Definately 9.5+

For sale for £60 ($100) each OBO.

If you buy both i'll throw in a PK 6 pack, some Pk strings and some Pk overgrips (all optional)

I would however trade for a few racquets; an 03 tour, PC 600/660, ncode 90 , APD, APD+ any, ps classic or Volkl Tour 10 , Tour 9 (V-Engine) and ofcourse POG
(some may be for 1 the other for two)

Please e-mail me for more info ( on exact condition) and pics.
When I've sobered up I'll write one!
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