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It's the mold of the PC600, with a slightly different layup. In hairpin form, before the handle was cut and molded, the pallet would've read "H22010A2P". If the frame were released at a later time, approximately 3-4 months after the Flexpoint retail line was released (and therefore painted like a Flexpoint Prestige Mid), it would have "PT10" written in the throat, but, to reiterate, Head did not designate codes in the throats of their SMU frames until a few months after the retail Flexpoint line had been released.

Could it be Safin's frame? Doubtful--it's not smashed. . In all seriousness, yes it certainly could be, but it could also be any other PC600 PJ user at the time i.e. Rainer Schuettler, Jose Acasuso, etc..

It seems to be in 7.5-8/10 condition, and you could probably expect ~$300 for it.
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