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The ideal head has weight in the middle because it has weight naturally at the top and bottom. So you can make the head ultra light, then add weight to the middle and it is still light, but well-balanced, because it is good to have extra weight in the middle of the head to make up for the natural weight of the string bridge and the top of the bow.

Those are things only a racquet company can do. You can't fiddle with racquets much, making them much different from the way they are made. But you can do a lot if you start from scratch.

If the racquet has all of its weight and power in the top of the handle, it is much easier to control than if the weight is out in the head. That is a theory that sounds good, which I demontrated to Wilson. I made it work. But for some reason the tennis industry is trying to give people new racquets every year that are the exact opposite of what I demonstrated. The new racquets are racquets people don't like as much as they liked their old ones. And with paint jobs on pro racquets, the industry is hiding the fact that people don't like the new racquets. The industry says, "You will begin to like the new racquets. The next generation of pros will use the new racquets."

Why not give people what they like? Why discontinue or change a model that a lot of people use, and not make the old one available? Why is this so common?

What serious business is run this way?
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