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Well, try it and see if it makes your racquet better. It sounds similar to an old racquet. Weight there might improve it a lot. Add more and more weight to see if it keeps improving. I have shaped the weight and the shape is important.

I am working on a product, and I have already contacted someone to make it that you can tape onto the top of the grip (put an overgrip over it) and it improves racquet performance. I am a perfectionist, and so far I haven't decided to manufacture the part. I'm still tinkering with it. My goal was to have it by the Super Show, but it won't make that. An early version of it is what you see in the photo of the Prince Shark. The current version weighs just under one ounce, 27 grams. It's very conservative in its weight, but makes the racquet feel more solid and gives it more ball control. Good players like it; average players think it makes the racquet heavy. I'm still tinkering. I want average players to like it.
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