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Default Drastic cutback in Junior Tournaments for 2010

The USTAís has a new plan for junior tournaments in 2010. The plan is built around less high level tennis for everyone. The plan includes a provision which limits the number of dates available for National Level 3 tournaments to four per year and reduces the draws to 32. In addition the National Level 2 tournaments are reducing their draws to 32 for each of the 4 available dates.

To better understand how drastic a cutback this is in 2009 there were 14 possible dates. Obviously having more dates allows for greater flexibility in tournament selection. In 2010 there will only be 4 possible dates. Combined with the reduction of draw sizes from 64 to 32 the amount of tennis is going to plummet.

I have talked with parents of junior players at the last few tournaments and I cannot find a single one who thinks this is a good idea. The idea of playing more local tournaments is not going to give US kids the kind of competition necessary to improve their tennis.

This is a complete disaster for US junior tennis.

The story going around is somehow the Southern USTA section has so many adult members, which equals to votes, that they have complete say over USTA junior tennis decisions. Somehow they decided this was good for them and rammed it through the committee at the last possible moment without any discussion. (This is a rumor and I donít know if it is true)

These were / are the dates for National Level 3 tournaments for 14s in 2009.

Jan 2nd Copper Bowl
Jan 16th ******* Winter Champ / Tennis Plaza Cup
May 1st Gater bowl / Muterspaw
May 15th Columbus Indoor
May 22nd New England Open
May 28th Quicksilver / Peach State Classic
July 10th Southern Open / ******* Open
Aug 2nd West Coast Champ / Texas Open
Sept 2nd Labor Day Champ/ Carmel Valley / Summer Smash
Sept 18th Mike Agassi NO QUIT / Kentucky International
Oct 9th Dunlop Junior Champ
Oct 22nd Cincinnati Open
Dec 14th Junior Orange Bowl
Dec 18th California Bowl
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