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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
I am unable to understand your position.

Families, with or without money, will still have to pay the same amount of money to play national tournaments.

Families without enough money to play with not be able to play either way. If there are tournaments or if there are not. How does it help anyone to eliminate the ability to play tournaments for those who can afford to?

The skill level difference between the kids playing local tournaments and the skill level it takes to win at the highest level is enormous. The only result of having those kids play local tournaments is a reduction in top level talent.

My guess is you do not have a junior player playing competitively or you would know this. My second guess is the people who made the decision also do not have junior players playing competitively.
What he means is that more lower level tournaments = less travel. This only cripples those who can afford them in the sense that more people can afford to get to these. Really, there is no handicap, unless you think it's unfair to the rich kids that they have to work harder to earn their points by going to more tournaments that other people can afford. In which case, f**k you
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