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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
Let me try and restate your case and you can correct me if I am wrong. … Having fewer national level tournaments results in lower travel costs for everyone and allows the people with less money to compete more effectively with the people who have more money. …

If this is the objective than I agree that the changes will achieve this result. The problem I have is fewer national level tournaments will also result in fewer kids competing at a high level.

I can remember my son going to his first level 2 tournament in 14’s. He lost both matches and would not have gotten in at all under the new system. The first thing he said after the match was …” I have to hit the ball bigger and with better placement to win at this level” He asked me if we could stay another day and watch the top seeds to see how they hit and played. After the tournament he came home and talked with his coach and they started working on what he needed to win. His coach laughed and told me that he had repeatedly told him he had to go for more to win in 14s but until you go and see/play against the competition it is hard to really understand.

Limiting exposure to great tennis limits the learning experience for juniors. It is just that simple. If we are trying to make it more “fair” we will make junior tennis worse not better.
They're lowering the importance of the national tournaments and increasing lower level tournament importance. If some players can't play in them, then the tennis level is that much weaker anyways.
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