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Limiting exposure to great tennis limits the learning experience for juniors. It is just that simple. If we are trying to make it more “fair” we will make junior tennis worse not better.
greater exposure is right .. look at all the USTA elite kids ,they all are sent to play ITFs all over the world... look at the past years of champions and pros ,they mostly came from ITF traveling kids.. this is one of the reasons why I think USA tennis is failing so much to produce the next generation of pros.. other countries find sponsors for their tennis kids so those elite kids start to travel the world by the time they are around 15.. this experience is what I feel is the major difference right now.. you need to travel and see all kinds of different game and get used to seeing different styles of play .. plus that 1 match lost,and you are sent home packing gives the sense of complete urgency ,and this gives them the hunger to win..
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