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It's a microgel Prestige Mid but still relatively new. I came across this several times:

Q: The USRSA Stringer’s Digest and the USRSA online tool each say that the Head MicroGel Prestige Pro MP should be strung with two pieces of string. But the mains end at the head, so why can’t this racquet be strung with one piece of string?
A: This racquet does seem to be a natural for the one-piece stringing technique, and you would probably never have a problem restringing this racquet that way. The Digest specifies two-piece stringing for this frame because HEAD requires that every performance racquet they sell must be strung two-piece, period. With a properly-done two-piece string job, you avoid not only having the crosses installed from the throat to the head, but also any potential problem that might occur with an around-the-world or box pattern, where you might have a 90- or 270-degree turn between a main and a cross, which could break through a section of the frame where the grommets are close together. Because of this, in the unlikely event there was a problem with this frame, Head would have the option of denying the warranty claim due to the one-piece string job.

(BTW, several people called Head and their reps said they would honor the warranty even if it was a one piece string job)

I have a suspicion that it would be highly unlikely for the strings to crack the frame where the grommets are close, but has anyone ever experienced this phenomenon?
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