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These were / are the dates for National Level 3 tournaments for 14s in 2009.

Jan 2nd Copper Bowl
Jan 16th ******* Winter Champ / Tennis Plaza Cup
May 1st Gater bowl / Muterspaw
May 15th Columbus Indoor
May 22nd New England Open
May 28th Quicksilver / Peach State Classic
July 10th Southern Open / ******* Open
Aug 2nd West Coast Champ / Texas Open
Sept 2nd Labor Day Champ/ Carmel Valley / Summer Smash
Sept 18th Mike Agassi NO QUIT / Kentucky International
Oct 9th Dunlop Junior Champ
Oct 22nd Cincinnati Open
Dec 14th Junior Orange Bowl
Dec 18th California Bowl
I looked at the paper work the USTA sent out and found the new 2011 date blocks for the L3 tournaments.

January 22-24
July 9-12
September 3-5
October 29-31

I guess I should be glad I donít own the rights for the Copper Bowl, Quicksilver, Muterspaw, or the California Bowl. They are out of business.
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