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I looked at the paper work the USTA sent out and found the new 2011 date blocks for the L3 tournaments.

January 22-24
July 9-12
September 3-5
October 29-31

I guess I should be glad I don’t own the rights for the Copper Bowl, Quicksilver, Muterspaw, or the California Bowl. They are out of business.
Honestly, I think you maybe overreacting on this. 1) Smaller draw sizes are beneficial overall as those that should be there will and those who shouldn't won't very simple. 2) Tournament directors will protect their events to best of their ability.

It seems to me that you may be a bit concerned about what happens when your player becomes 15 (given this new set of rules). Honestly if your player deserves to be in the event he / she will, if not then they will not, simple as that.