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Originally Posted by Cooper_Tecnifibre4 View Post
hahahah i just called clark lawrence the scammer who is actually indian and i went off at him swearing saying you'r a sccammer and he was just saying "why you say this"?? hahah i hate scammers. everybody call his number and tell him you've been found here is hes number\
All, I was also recently frauded by aka Clark Lawrence

He swindled me out of approx $200 usd via WU and then gave me this story that the rackets were being heldup at customs and he needed another $200 tax to have them released

As OP indicates, this person is very professional ... has fake references that vouce for him and even has an elaborate currier website that takes his fake tracking numbers to look like he actually sent something and it is being held up for tax.
The work that these pro scammers now do to swindle buyers out of $$$ is really extensive !

Avoid these emails, all used by this scammer:
Dr. terry Allan <>

Avoid this website used by this scammer:

Phone Number : +447 024 023 904

Since this is international wire fraud there should be some way to get him arrested ? Wonder what authorities should be notified ?

Appreciate any help

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