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Originally Posted by rufusbgood View Post
Irvin...It's the Prestige Pro not the Prestige. You're looking at the wrong instructions...
How did you know what type of racket 'DonnyDarko' had? I am not looking at the wrong instrucitons I am looking at the instructions for the MG Prestige Mid.

Originally Posted by DonnyDarko View Post
It's a microgel Prestige Mid but still relatively new...
Originally Posted by DonnyDarko View Post
Thanks Ronald, appreciate the reply. I'll make it a point to make sure it's strung two piece from now on. This makes me want to learn how to string even more.

BTW, my racquet is a MG Prestige Mid (if it makes any difference.)
Are you really sure 'DonnyDarko' does not know what type of racket he has?

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