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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I like to go to the manufacturer's stringing instructions when I string rackets. I am having a problem though when I look up the MG Prestige Mid. Head's stringing instructions say the mains start at the head and end at the throat.

Now I am wondering how the racket was strung one piece. I do not think the frame will be damaged from this stringing but if you want the racket strung a specific way, tell you stringer the next time.

If you sent the racket back to the Head and they said they would not replace it and the reason was the racket was strung wrong which caused the racket to fail guess who I would go to next?

Maybe some people do not realize that when they accept payment from someone for a service they are also accepting responsibility for that service.

If the service he provided is not right in your mind talk to him about how it can be resolved.

Thanks lrvin (and everyone else!)... I asked my friend to string it for me, so I accept full responsibility for the incorrect string job. He's a really good guy so I'm not going to say anything to him other than informing him of Head's recommendations on stringing. I've decided to cut out the strings and having my local shop string it for me. As you've stated, the one piece string job won't do anything to the racquet, but now I'm just questioning the overall quality of the string job (The knots where he tied off the strings don't even look right).

Rufus, I think you've mistaken the quote I included referencing the Prestige Pro. My racquet is the Mid, but I appreciate your sharing your knowledge and experience. So you've encountered lots of problems with Head frames being strung improperly?
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