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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
I looked at the paper work the USTA sent out and found the new 2011 date blocks for the L3 tournaments.

January 22-24
July 9-12
September 3-5
October 29-31

I guess I should be glad I donít own the rights for the Copper Bowl, Quicksilver, Muterspaw, or the California Bowl. They are out of business.
Interesting...these all all West Coast tourneys..are you saying they will all be gone? This puts the kids from the Ca, and Southwest at a disadvantage...because if they would be playing Nationals...these would be the one's they would play.

As a tennis parent of a kid who basically was ranked between 100-150 nationally, who has traveled all over the country, and spent thousands of dollars on the travel...I have mixed feeling about this new system. Money wise, now that I looked back on it, it would have maybe been better to put the $$ into a college fund...but family bonding, seeing the US, meeting new people...priceless.

Plus, when you come from a highly competitive section and your kid is not the in the top 10, it is good to get your kid out of the same environment, playing the same kids...and show them that yes, maybe they have game.

In addition, as the system works now, if my son had not played all these Nationals, I doubt he would have received the same offers he had from colleges nor the interest from coaches, in that he just would have been some local player and not nationally recognized being outside the top 100.

He has had over 1000 views of his tennis recruiting profile by college coaches, that interest was generated by his ranking based up playing kids from all over the country...I wonder how Dallas will be able to keep track of ranking with this new system? It was be heavily biased on the top kids who can get into the Nationals and then the rest way far behind....and it will be unfortunate for those kids who fall outside the top 100. In the long run, I just hope that they get the same offers as my son had and do not get lost in the system.
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