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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
How did you know what type of racket 'DonnyDarko' had? I am not looking at the wrong instrucitons I am looking at the instructions for the MG Prestige Mid.

Are you really sure 'DonnyDarko' does not know what type of racket he has?

My apologies Irvin. I was looking at his post #6 where he included this red herring:

The USRSA Stringerís Digest and the USRSA online tool each say that the Head MicroGel Prestige Pro MP should be strung with two pieces of string. But the mains end at the head, so why canít this racquet be strung with one piece of string?
Donny---The collapsing of Head racquets has nothing to do with stringing properly or improperly. It has to do with drilling the holes so closely together that a 1/8" wide bridge of graphite has to support two loops of string pulled in opposite directions at high tension. Make the graphite in that bridge thin enough and you have collapse. Head did this for years. I think moving production to China has made it less of a problem.
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