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I'm still curious what version of the Head Radical that Andre is still using. Or whether he is still using some sort of mixture between the original Prince Graphite that he used to use when he began his pro career and the Head Radical. It's kind of funny when you look at the new Liquidmetal racquet that Andre is using, the four points on the frame where the liquidmetal is, the bumpy part, well on Andre's racquet it's not bumpy at all, it's paint or a sticker made to look like it is. And on Andre's frame it actually says "Liquidmetal" written out along the side of the frame. Where on our racquets it doesn't. And the last I. Radical that was used by Andre, the area where the throat was had a shinny finish, but on the racquets that we received from the stores had a very dull finish. You could see the difference during night matches when the light would reflect off of the racket. I would love to look at some of these frames just to see what the differences are. And I'm sure most of the racquets have different string patterns. Later
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