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Originally Posted by Jakedasnake View Post
Ok I know how this sounds, but I'm confused on tying knots. In YUL's videos, after the last main, he clamps, and then does the pull and rock back with the parnell knot to tighten the rest of the string. However, this guide says to pull the string through they tie-off grommet with the tensioner? which method is correct? thanks!

The guide i was reading:
I went back to your second site again and starting reading to find out where you got that he was tensioning knots with the tensioner. I got down to the part where he said, "Usually the main strings are pulled one row at a time. For better convenience, I always pull two mains at once..." Enough said I didn't bother reading any more.

I think what he may have said is that he pulls the string through the grommet with the tensioner like 'drakulie' did with the cam action pliers but I had lost all confidence in that link when I got the the double pulling.

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