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Originally Posted by Xenakis View Post
The YULitle video is definitely on the money, I had some trouble getting poly knots tight but that method sorted it.

I could do with getting a bit better at the getting the mains and crosses tie offs to sit more neatly in the grommet though, not found any info on that (the starting cross knot is fine as it pulls itself into the grommet).
I think it was Ash that provided some info on that just the other day. Forgive me if it was not Ash. Someone suggested tugging on the string to equalize pressure.

Here is your problem you are using Poly (probably co-poly but does not matter) which is a stiff string. It is also not very resilent which means it does not want to drawback as much as a more resilent string to pull the knot into the grommet when the clamp is released. And don't get me wrong that is not a bad thing I would leave it like that. But if you tug on the string a bit you could pull the knot into the grommet more. Then it will look the way you want but the string you tied off will be at a lower tension.

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