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Default Andre's Own Special Nike Air Zoom Breathe Free's

Just curious if anyone else has noticed the Nike Air Zoom Breathe Free's that Andre Agassi wears, they have an extra higher lift on the very back of the shoe where the back of your anckle is. I've looked at all the other pros that wear these shoes and no ones wears the ones with the higher lift except for Andre. And he's had that extra lift since he's been wearing that shoe over a year ago. It amazes me how much these companies make certain equiptment for each pro. Racquets, sneakers, clothes and everything. I remember hearing about Nike making a special shirt for Pete Sampras where the right sleeve was smaller then the left, because he was constantly having to pull it up before he would serve. I wish we could get things like this done for us, or at least it would be cool if they would make them available for us to purchase. I do like what Nike is doing with their Nike ID thing. Make your own shoe colors is definitely a step in the right direction. The new Zoom Air Breathe Free II is coming out in April. It should be very cool. Later
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