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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
Here's the spec for the Spectrum Comp 90:

Head Size: 90 in2 / 581 cm2
Length:27 in / 686 mm
Strung Weight: 12.4 oz / 352 g (unstrung = 11.6 oz (330g))
Strung Balance: 6 pts HL / 325 mm
Composition: Graphite, Kevlar, Fiberglass, and Silicon Carbide Ceramic Fibers
Beam Width: 19 mm Straight Beam
Power Level: Low
Stiffness: 62
Swing Type: Long / Fast
Swing Weight: 301
String Pattern: 14 mains / 18 crosses
Grip Type: Prince Full Grain Leather
String Tension: 50 - 65 lbs / 23 – 30 kg recommended

The POG mid should be slightly stiffer according to Prince.
Very nice !! tnahks alot
But wait a minute....
How can 352g + 32.5mm balance point = 301 SW ???
For having played one of these recently (didnt manage to, to be precise lol) SW is way over 300 according to me (330?). This is for sure.
But I'm talking about feeling when hitting. I dt know how the SW is measured, but I noticed a difference many times beetween feeling and SW measurement.
For example Prince REBEL95 and Babolat Pure Storm Ltd have the same SW measurement. Ridiculous. The first feels definitily more heavy. PS Ltd seems is a feather.

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