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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
I noticed during Wimbledon and previously he had been using his paint job PST GT+ then during WImbledon doubles he had his Pure Control Team+ pj and now in Toronto he has his PST+ pj.

Surely if he had a contract with Babolat then they would make him use his PST GT+ painted Pure Control+ ??

Or does he have a load of Pure Control's with their pj's of their time and he picks up whatever he fancies on the day ??
The Match I watched last night Chela was using the Pure Control + cosmetic against Federer in Toronto. At Wimbledon when Chela played Dent he was using the Pure Control +. I have not seen him use anything other than the Pure Control + cosmetics. Also at the French Open he was using the Pure Control + cosmetics against Murray.

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