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Judging swingweight by feel can be a tricky and misleading business. The hand gives the mind a blob of sensory impressions, and the mind has to somehow separate the blob out into weight, balance, and swingweight.

That being said, while 352g / 32.5mm balance / 301 SW is physically possible, it seems really unlikely, especially for a 1986 design. I have seen some odd variation in the Spectrum 90's specs, more than different grip sizes would account for and greater even than one would expect from manufacturing tolerances in the 1980's. I think I got these specs from a big spec collection thread here on TT: 368g, 67(!) flex, SW 345. Someone else once posted a weight of 330 strung, but I suspect that poster was misremembering or mistyping.

Was it really a 90, or a 93 like the Graphite 90 was?
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