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I'm willing to concede that it's arguable that prime Newcombe deserves the edge on grass versus Connors. Not Ashe, though. I need more than one victory(the only time he ever beat Connors). Roscoe Tanner once beat Connors in straight sets at Wimbledon. Doesn't mean I'd bet on him if they met again back during that day. Difference is we have some proof there. The other 2 times they played at Wimbledon.

Connors played like crap that day. Ashe himself said it. Listed all he did to win and added that Jimmy choked.

I'm certainly not going to argue that Connors had a big serve, although I thought it was slightly bigger in 74, but is Rosewall a very good example? Had one of the greatest returns of serve in history. It's sort of like disparaging someone's serve when they got broken by Connors. These guys could break your serve when you were serving well.
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