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I wish they would scrap the entire high performance nonsense. Throwing millions at a few select kids is silly. The USTA should support tennis, grow the game, and make tournaments and local coaching as affordable as possible. If a kid proves to be a true talent then pay for their private coach or an existing academy to train them further.
The whole system is in a bit of disarray.

---> Most private coaches cost between 60-90 per hour with some of the bigger names pushing 150+ (for a junior with zero or limited prospects at the time the coach starts with them).

---> Most full time academies are between 20 and 30K per 10 month school period.

---> Most tournaments are between 60 - 100 when room and board is added we are at roughly 500 - 1000 per away event.

The cream of the crop is not going to come from the group that can afford this. This group has zero desire to be professional touring players. This group is playing to include it in their Harvard, Stanford, Yale applications.