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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Generally I agree with about everything you stated. Perhaps Newcombe could have been better on average than Connors on grass but even that is debatable despite the fact Newcombe beat him twice in majors on grass.

In a way the Ashe-Connors Wimbledon final is the exact opposite of matches today. Ashe played a match that would give Connors the most chance to make errors unlike today where everyone hits topspin and goes for winners. Ashe broke up Connors' game. No one does that anyone without the exception a bit when Federer does it when he hits his soft crosscourt sliced backhand.
Connors never liked slices and softball "junk" thrown at him. Lendl beat him 17 times in a row by not trying to overpower him but but chipping everything to the Connor's forehand. With the equipment then it was easier to pull off. I read somewhere where Rosewall (I think) also prevented Lew Hoad from the grand slam at one of the majors by slicing and dicing him to defeat.

At the elite pro level now junk balling can be used occasionally as a change of pace. It isn't going to beat a world champion over 5 sets.
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