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Originally Posted by pmerk34 View Post
Connors never liked slices and softball "junk" thrown at him. Lendl beat him 17 times in a row by not trying to overpower him but but chipping everything to the Connor's forehand. With the equipment then it was easier to pull off. I read somewhere where Rosewall (I think) also prevented Lew Hoad from the grand slam at one of the majors by slicing and dicing him to defeat.

At the elite pro level now junk balling can be used occasionally as a change of pace. It isn't going to beat a world champion over 5 sets.
I'm not sure how equipment would make a difference...Jimmy & Ivan were playing w/Midsize graphite frames for most of those matches....Ivan just smartened up and figured it was better to take pace off the ball against Jimmy, rather than trying to outhit him; when Connors was "on", trying to outhit him was not a good strategy. I think that would apply to a player today who feeds off of pace....
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