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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
I disagree with TCF on this one. The private sector has failed many times over and will continue to take money from the rich regardless of their abilities. I believe USTA grows the game on numerous fronts well beyond the high performance program. It's a lot more complex than growing the game, making lessons cheap, etc...
I don't think it is more complicated chalk. The game is not supported on the local levels and the tournies are too expensive. Local coaching and local tournaments are not supported enough financially by the USTA.

And the private sector has not failed because I included private coaches and existing academies and clubs. That also includes parent coaches. All of the top players have been coached at local clubs or academies or parents or local private coaches.....please name the ones developed by USTA high performance? Can you think of 1?

The USTA can have its talent scouts like they do now. But instead of selecting 30 kids for Boca and Carson, instead of maintaining dorms and facilities and a team of high performance coaches, pay for the talented kids to train where past champions have.

Its a case by case basis.....if you find a Nadal type who is grooving with his coaching Uncle, support his training. If you get a call from a tennis club in Georgia who has a Melanie Oudin, pay for her training. If you find a kid at a tennis academy in Texas who is awesome, support them. Maybe some kids will need to be moved to a better facility...again, case by case.

There is no need for the USTA high performance to maintain its own facilities and high performance coaches.

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