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ericsson, are the retro and the diablo really just the same racquet? also, pjonsey, it's not like he was using the the racquet with the retro pj, tried the exo graphite 100, then went back to retro but with the diablo pj. he's been using the diablo pj for a long time. i have the retro mid and it's a pretty nice stick. it says 95 in. in the throat, but is really 93 (same size as the diablo mid and the graphite mid. or are those really 90?). it would probably be my holy grail if actually was 95 in.
Yes, I understand. I'm just trying to understand how the racquet companies negotiate with players outside of the top 50 or so. Although Malisse was obviously a top 20 player at some point in his career, I assume Prince is less likely to fawn all over a talented player in his 30s who has fallen out of the top 50.

The Prince Retro Mid is a racquet that I was not familiar with. It looks like it would be right up my alley. My first racquet was the Prince CTS Precision 90. Like I said before, I own the Diablo mid and midplus. The Mid is 93 in. and the midplus is 100 in. I like them but they do not swing like my old CTS Precision.
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