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Sean Dugan
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Hi; I'm a 4.5/5.0ish player looking to find some new hitting partners who can play at the public courts near Whiteway and 56th (off Fowler Ave near USF) in Temple Terrace (Tampa). (Or, at the semi-private clay courts near Gillette and Whiteway.) I left all my good hitting partners/tennis buddies in San Jose when I moved here this, if you are up to rally a bit , and can play at a 3.5/4.0 level, or above, and are local to Temple Terrace, please send me an email. I'm just looking for a practice partner who wants to hit groundies and practice a couple of times a week, for an hour or two. Females are welcome to apply, too; I don't discriminate. ;o) Also, if you need a fourth for doubles, I'll happily volunteer to fill in. Thanks!
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