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I personally play much better at night for a few simple reasons...

1) Even lighting (no sun in your face when you're serving at noon time)
2) Less or no wind
3) Lower court temperatures, so endurance is easier to manage

However, I'm not bad during day matches, I just prefer playing at night for the above reasons. During the day, it's hot, which I like since the ball really explodes off the court. It's just that I REALLY don't like dealing with the sun or the wind. I can deal with the wind, but having sun in my eyes is a real pain. So I guess... Noon matches I hate. Otherwise, I'm good. But I've played more of my tennis at night than during the day, so I'm used to it. I can usually only practice at night but I've adjusted to playing during the day... Just hate playing at noon...

Don't worry about playing poorly at night. Most of your official matches in life will be played during the day. If it were 50/50, then I'd be jumping for joy because I know I have a free advantage playing at night compared to a decent amount of opponents because I play at night so often.
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