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Originally Posted by jrepac View Post
I'm not sure how equipment would make a difference...Jimmy & Ivan were playing w/Midsize graphite frames for most of those matches....Ivan just smartened up and figured it was better to take pace off the ball against Jimmy, rather than trying to outhit him; when Connors was "on", trying to outhit him was not a good strategy. I think that would apply to a player today who feeds off of pace....
Interesting how Connors reacted to Lendl's tactics, in short - he didn't like them.

Here's a note from something Connors said during their 92 USO match.

Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
After losing a game in the 3rd set, Connors said to himself "f**** playing a pusher" as he walked to the changeover.

Later on he yelled "this guy's a bum, for christ's sake"
And here it is right from his mouth.
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