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Well, you've got to learn to play at night because many of the good/better players are only available then. On some courts, the lights are very outdated (low) and the wrong bulbs are used - look more like parking lot lighting instead of tennis lighting. Some courts have a couple of types of lighting installed (especially indoor courts) so try to have both sets turned on. In other cases, management is not always prompt in changing bulbs so you can have "dark" or "darker" areas that present problems. The good lights are relatively easy to play on because the lights are much higher and brighter.

Couple of tips. Use new balls because they are much easier to see and "really" get into the habit of seeing the ball into the racquet more - of course that's always a good thing to do but at night its extremely important. Another thing is to get out and hit at night so you get a better feel for things - many practice during the day and then just play at night.
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